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How to convert all assets in Black Ops 3 Modtools

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Thread By: WARDOGSK93
Converting all assets now rather than later whats the use of it?

I guess major thing would be when you use a new texture, model or anything in your map it wont need to be converted and compile time wouldnt be as long

To do this download this file and put it in your Black Ops 3 bin folder "root/bin" or you can create a .bat file in the same folder with this code

Once the bat file is in your bin folder just double click it and let it do its thing

@echo off

call linker_modtools.exe -language english -convertall -verbose

Just a quick FYI when you do this it might a take while cause there alot of assets in Black Ops 3 to convert, I would reccomend doing this overnight or when your not using your pc