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Imported models not showing correct texture in-game

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Thread By: xTundra
Okay so after watching multiple videos I was finally able to get imported models working in Radiant. Unfortunately, the textures/materials only show up correctly inside Radiant and NOT in-game.

In-game I get my model but it always has the default missing texture (low-ree greenish checkered pattern).

I can swear that I thoroughly watch these videos and set my materials correctly but obviously there's something I'm missing and its frustrating me more than it should.

Little possibly useful note: I do get a few errors while compiling that mention techsets. I will post a small screencap of these if necessary. And I will be eternally grateful to anyone who can help me!


Reply By: DTZxPorter
Definitely provide techset issues, it's most likely the cause of it.


Reply By: xTundra

DTZxPorterDefinitely provide techset issues, it's most likely the cause of it.

Here is what I get after compiling:

In Radiant:

In game:


Reply By: -aZeR-
Exact same thing is happening to me.


Reply By: SevenGPLuke
Could be a problem with the image setting. Change the compression to best color compression or show your ape setting for those textures.