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Upgraded versions of custom weapons?

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Thread By: Dcchill
I finished my gun and would like to know how to create a upgraded version, can someone help?


Reply By: JellyAlex
Duplicate the non pap weapon file and name the new file weaponname_upgraded_zm. Change the stats inside the weapon (damage, timers, hip spread, etc) to make it a better weapon. I am unsure of how to add a pap camo with camotables as I have not been able to get it to work, the only way I know (only temporary fix not reccomended) is to duplicate the xmodels and add a material override of your pap camo material. Once done everything in APE, open up your map's zone file and add weapon,weaponname_upgraded_zm. Next navigate to zm_levelcommon_weapons.csv (share\raw\gamedata\weapons\zm) and add the pap weapon name after the first comma WITHOUT _zm, eg:


You can create sound aliases with the pap weapon sound.

Correct me if i missed anything