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Projectiles in APE

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Thread By: avonian
I'm trying to recreate the Hell's Retriever

I have the xmodels, xanims, just need to know how to make projectiles in A.P.E.

I know that you probably have to use a projectileweapon instead of bulletweapon,

I'd set up everything that I would do normally with a bulletweapon that I'm able to,

I would get in game and the anims would would except I don't know how to officially

make it a projectile that you can throw. Thanks in advance, Aven


Reply By: xSanchez78
It's not a projectile weapon, its a grenade weapon. Just go through the file setting by setting and eventually you will get it. One thing though: I don't think you realize or not, but there is a SHIT ton of script behind how the hell's retriever works. It won't work with JUST the weapon file if that's what you were thinking.