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Quick question about weapon porting..

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Thread By: XxCAFxX

Okay, so if i were to export a weapon from bo3 along with its anims, sounds, etc. would i still need to use maya or could i just slap it into ape and go from there? sorry, im a noob when it comes to weapon porting, ive never done one before and i figured if i could do it using a bo3 weapon if i dont have to learn maya it would be alot easier to learn.


Reply By: Exofile

Wraith exports SEanims and .ma files for you. From there you will need to bind the gun in Maya, export the gun in Maya- add the animations to your gun in maya and export them. THEN you'll want to use Kronos to convert the exported animations and models into the right format, not to mention your images. :- ) There are a couple of tutorials online you can look at.