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[Tutorial] Obtaining note tracks from animations in Maya

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Thread By: The Black Death

Prerequisites: Maya, SE Tools, the anim you are using in .seanim format


In this tutorial, you will be able to obtain the note tracks from an animation which you can then use as reference in APE for your gun's sounds.

This tutorial does not work with anything other than SEAnim format, which you are able to export with using Wraith if you have the setting on. This is because SEAnim is the only format which produces SENotes, which is what you'll use to get your note tracks.

NOTE: To obtain the note tracks, you do not need a scene with your anim model open in Maya, all you need is the animation.


Launch up Maya, and if you have SE Tools installed properly, you should see a "SE Tools" tab at the top. Inside the dropdown menu, select "Import SEAnim" and open the .seanim file for your animation. Next, go to the dropdown menu Windows and select Outliner.

A window should appear with "SENotes". If not, you have gone wrong. Click on the + box next to SENotes and then the note tracks will appear for that animation. You can click on any of the note tracks and it will tell you when it plays via the playback bar at the bottom of your main Maya window. This is indicated by a red line in front of the frame it is in, like this:

So, this means that in this case the note track


plays on frame 1 of the animation. With this, you can then translate this into APE, and your note track will be accurate to how it is in the game itself you ripped the animation from, e.g. in this scenario:

And you are done. You now have accurate note tracks.

I hope this tutorial has helped you


Reply By: Jdcobra

Or there's an updated CodMayaTools that allows for SEANIM Notetrack support I think


Reply By: Harry Bo21


Or there's an updated CodMayaTools that allows for SEANIM Notetrack support I think

yes - there is

this also doesnt actually add the note track to the anim, just gets you the times, which you can do with both the seanims and .mels by opening them in note pad. You should add the notes to the anims