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Grenade Launcher/Shotgun attachment?

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Thread By: Lethal Peelz
does anyone know how to make a grenade launcher/ shotgun attachment? i know how to make optics and stuff.


Reply By: ElTitoPricus


Reply By: Lethal Peelz


Reply By: ElTitoPricus
you have to do another weaponfile in your gdt alongside the one you already have.
If you want a Grenade launcher it has to be projectileweapon if it's masterkey (shotgun) bulletweapon

You have to make it ALTWEAPON in Inventory

On the Alt Mode Options You have to call the weapon, for example let's say it's an M4
Your main weaponfile is a rifle, in his weaponfile you have to call the altweapon
A in the altweapon you have to call your main one

In the Xanims you have to call the xanim to change weapons in AltRaise line

In the ammo options put different ammo names depending on the weapon

And at the end in User Interface do not forget to make Ammo Counter Clip Style as AltWeapon
on the grenade launcher or shotgun or whatever is your altweapon

To switch weapon ingame the default key is 4

On the main weaponfile in Hide tags put the tag of your attachment that you want to use only in your altweapon
in the altweapon put whatever attachment you will use only in your man weapon /silenecers - grips - reflex...)