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2,241 Duplicate assets/images/materials

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Thread By: ItalianMilkMan
I dragged and dropped the buried all models pack that was released by someone on this forum (forgot their name) and its got a lot of duplicate images and a few assets and materials. I was wondering what is the quickest way to remove these duplicates using APE.

I get 2,241 errors everytime I load up mod tools but I can still build my map if I select "ignore errors", so will it matter or have any negative effect if I just leave all these duplicates and continue to ignore them?

Thanks everyone!


Reply By: mathfag
Get makecents' launcher YT link

open it and click on the GTD icon on the far right.

Define your black ops 3 directory at the top and 1 slot below it drag and drop your gdt.
On the right you can select some options. After you do this just click analize (and delete)


Reply By: Harry Bo21
id suggest doing it manually, it may delete the one thats set up "correctly" and leave one of the ones that were in a wraith gdt that are not set up right