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Mag placement position

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Thread By: And78Koz
Each tutorial I saw says to place a mag (in Maya) in correct position - but the game somehow know this position and I don't believe it is hardcoded in the engine.

Does anyone know how to get the exact mag placement position relative to weapon?


Reply By: xSanchez78
You place a magazine on a gun by adding the magazine model name under the clip section of the xmodel section in weapon files. Then you specify origin/angle offsets right underneath. The way I find these offsets is by going to the gun model and adding the clip in a submodel and play with the offsets there until it looks right ( since that gives you a live view of where it is ) and then I copy the offsets into the weapon file ( and reset the submodel section back to blank, of course )


Reply By: And78Koz
Wow! Thank You!

Please also tell me how to get weapon files?