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Melee Animation For Pistols

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Thread By: CraftDAnimations

I am currently working on importing all the pistols from Black ops 2 and so far *touch wood* its been good. I am noticing that when you knife with the weapon in hand it has this weird frame that shows you holding an invsible gun. Does anyone know how I implement the knifing action as these were not present with the xmodel and xanim export.

I am using the these taken from the one weapon available


Reply By: Collie

Just erase the lines you have for melee in the bulletweapon's file. Melee on bulletweapons is only for meleeing with the actual weapon itself, like for example a gun with a bayonet, or the multiplayer Kuda's gun smack. Make sure you leave the animations for meleeing blank and that "Use as Melee" is unticked under Melee fields and it will just use the stock BO3 zombies knife (Or any offhand melee weapon the player may have).