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Tutorial - How ricos add camos in their guns :b

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Thread By: elricos

Hi people of Modme :b, today im going to teach you how to put camos in your ported weapons, well lets beging ;D (PD: srry for my bad english xd)

1.0 | Requeriments |

- Camo base files | Download

- Maya 2016 | Download

- A gun already ported (with the upgraded weaponfile in APE)

Quick tip: in the tutorial will be words like "PREVIEW" click it ! they are images ;D

1.1 | Explanation how this works |

In APE we will take by example the file "camo_t7_smg_standard_dlc_base76" PREVIEW , then in the image we see 4 base materials, that means that those 4 base materials are allowed to have camo or replace the same texture in itself for the camo, also comes the option of camo mask (which is a blank image And black, where the black forbids the camo to be seen while the white color allows the camo to replace it) but the camo mask is optional

Now I'm going to teach you the two ways what how we can add camos to weapons

2.0 | 1st Process | Ricos way

2.1 - In the .rar there is a folder called "01 Maya" inside it will be a scene of maya called "camo_ricos.mb" having previously opened the model to which you want to apply the camo, drag "camo_ricos.mb" to the 3d view being something like this PREVIEW

2.1 - Notes: The background mesh is a reference to compare if the uv scale of the texture is correct (if it is not necessary to have it so when you finish applying the camo delete it :b

2.2 - The easy way to change materials is by selecting a weapon mesh PREVIEW And in 3d view we keep right click and assign the material "mtl_tgcamo" being thus PREVIEW , the more professional way is to select the faces of the mesh to which we want to apply the texture "mtl_tgcamo" PREVIEW, after will we select the following faces of the mesh PREVIEW and therefore we add the camo, being this way PREVIEW

2.2 Notes: We have already add the camo at this point but if you want to see the process more in detail here is a video : YT Video

2.3 - We export the model (you know, open outliner select the groups of joints and mesh, select > hichery and then export) in this case i'll use the mauser c90 of origins, it is the viewmodel so I will export it this way: "mc96_model_ub" also we will have to create an asset in its .gdt in APE with the same name and with this same xmodel asset we will put it in the weaponfile of the version upgraded PREVIEW

2.4 - In the .rar file we downloaded the "model_export" and "source_data" folders, we paste them into the root of BO3 (if you already have these files do not repeat this step again: b)

2.5 - In your weaponfile search the word "camo" and add this : | camo_t7_tgcamo_standard_dlc1_base76 | PREVIEW in both weaponfiles "normal" and "upgraded"

2.6 - Now your weapon is ready to hit the pack a punch in the game, first of all you should add it to the box (bo3\share\raw\gamedata\weapons\zm\zm_test_weapons.csv) and have it added to the mod obiously

3.0 | 2nd Process | Original way

3.1 - Once you drag n drop the folders inside the .rar in the root folder of bo3 we will open APE and open "camo_t7_tgcamo_standard_dlc1_base76" PREVIEW, well, now I want my texture "mtl_mc96" to have camo so in the file "dlc1_base76" we change the Number of base camos PREVIEW starting at 1 (which is the one of the tgcamo) changing to 2 or X amount (depends how many materials your gun has and which you add with time) then save changes "ctrl + S" and reload the file

3.2 - Now APE show to add 2 base materials PREVIEW once we add the corresponding materials (in my case only "mtl_mc96") we will go down to "camo type 77" and click these buttons PREVIEW this for add the material to the following 44 camo entrys

3.2 Notes: If you want add the camo mask

3.3 - In your weaponfile search the word "camo" and add this : | camo_t7_tgcamo_standard_dlc1_base76 | PREVIEW in both weaponfiles "normal" and "upgraded"

3.4 - Once you add your material in all the entries you will be ready to get your camo inside the game (I think that here you dont need create a second upgraded model in particular just for the camo, as I did in mc96_model_ub)

3.5 - Enjoy, remember to compile (link) your mod to see the changes: b

4.0 | Updates & Notes |

21/02/17 - Creation of the original post, If i have gramatic errors feel free to correct me in the comments ill edit the errors as fast i can ;D