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wraith won’t load mwr

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Thread By: greatbrendini

this is what it says in the wraith log:

8:35 PM: --- Wraith Initialized ---

8:35 PM: Searching for Modern Warfare Remastered process

8:35 PM: - Modern Warfare Remastered process found PID [9228]

8:35 PM: Begin searching for XAsset pools

8:35 PM: - Modern Warfare Remastered SHA1: "3A62AC6C9B60A7BF8E3C50808941D7D1E16CB148"

8:35 PM: - Version not supported.


Reply By: DTZxPorter

"Version not supported" There hasn't been a wraith update since the patches came out. In addition:


Hi I have same problem
the wraith message that this game is supported but the current update is not .