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Thread By: Dick_Nixon
So I've followed the Zeroy's mod tools wiki's tutorial for the advance custom playermodels, and I have gotten all the way up to the part where I have to bind a thirdperson(MPC) body to a BO3 rig. I have tried a multitude of things, all of which don't bind correctly to the MPC rig. The problem, as identified by the mod tools, is the fact that there are extra bones in the skeleton. I have tried multiple combinations of BO3 skeletons, and BO1/2 playermodels, going so far as to bind the TG Dempsey model to it's own skeleton(which as confirmed by JBird and his video that I commented on, that the Dempsey model from TG can be used to create a custom playermodel) and I've gotten the same problem that the mod tools sees too many bones in the model. I've tried to remove these bones and bind the model, and that doesn't work correctly, nor does binding the model then removing the bones. Has anyone got information/experience on how to solve this?