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How to get official notetracks from tanims

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Thread By: Collie
Hi all, I recently discovered a way to obtain notetracks from tanims (currently the only animation format for games like WaW, MW2, MW3, and Ghosts). Until Wraith 4 comes out (and even after it does this will still be useful for WaW) this method is an easy way to get notetracks for these games.

First things first, you'll need a hex-editing program. For this tutorial, we'll be using HxD, so I highly recommend getting that. Once you have it installed and downloaded, open the program and drop the tanim you want to get notetracks from into the hex editor. You will need to go to the very bottom of the file, and there you will see plain text for the notetracks. Now, you will need to get the hex value between one notetrack and the next, like so:

Take note that the hex value you want for a specific notetrack will always be directly after the name of the notetrack, between two 00 hex values.

Now, you're going to take that hex value over to this website where it will convert the hex value into a number, which is the frame for that notetrack! In this case, the frame that "weap_glock_clipout_plr" plays at is 13. Just place the notetrack in maya using SEtools (The number you get here directly corresponds to the frame in the maya anim, it starts at 0 and goes 1, 2, 3, etc.) and voilà, you now know how to get official notetracks from tanims!


Reply By: Scobalula
If you do File>Import and select CoD xAnim the option for notetracks should be there (and some other options for importing tanims), it places a Notetrack locator on the scene. Dunno why it never loads them via Drag and Drop.


Reply By: Collie
I didn't know that was an option! Thank you Scobalula, that saves quite a bit of time. It seems if you set the option in the import menu to add notetracks, it will add them whenever you drag-n-drop after that! Quite useful, if only I'd known this sooner haha.