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Weighting messing up once in-game

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Thread By: Scobalula
Currently porting the M2187 from IW and all went well apart from the strap, essentially it's weighting is gone and it's just binded to tag_weapon once in-game, only the 2 rings are binded...

Before exporting to XMODEL_EXPORT:

After going in-game and exported via

In APE when viewmodel is used as preview model:

In game of course it just rotates with the model.

Here are the source files:


I had a similar issue with a pair of viewhands from Ghosts that I converted and ChainSAW's bullets after subdividing but the chainsaw fixed itself after I rebinded them and the viewhands fixed itself when I modified CoDMayaTools to not write < 0.1 bone influence.

I have not modified the model in any way, simply from Wraith --> Maya --> Bind --> CoD Maya Tools --> ExportX --> APE.

I have checked the log also besides the usual stretching texture, etc. no Weighting/Influence warnings/errors.

This however doesn't want to repair itself...I'd appreciate any help, if I can't fix it I'll just remove the strap. Thanks!