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How to extract loot-box weapons from AW without owning them

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Thread By: Collie
Hi all, I'm going to keep this short and sweet since I have pizza on the way.

In AW, you cannot extract a weapon's model without having the gun in your PC's hands. So if you don't own a LBW but you still want to extract it for use in modtools you're shit outta luck; unless you feel like farming random lobbies and hoping that you can pick it up off the ground and keep it for long enough to extract it.

Well, I found a way to get the game to load the models as if they were in your hands without doing any of that crap. I discovered it by complete accident, but all you have to do is go to create-a-class, click to replace your current primary/secondary weapon, and then select the loot-box weapon you want to load-in as if you were going to equip it on your class. Switch over to wraith and refresh it. The view and world models should be loaded for you to extract, along with any variants the gun has.

If you are having any trouble, I personally did it in a private lobby, and I clicked it several times before I refreshed wraith.

That's it, enjoy everyone.

(if too many people are confused by what the process entails I will create a short video tutorial. But after I eat pizza. A man's gotta have his priorities straight after all.)


Reply By: Nelonn
Just wow. Literally last night grinded AW in hope for sweet supply weapons on the ground. Big props to you man, you will be remembered in the history as a savior.


Reply By: elricos
It really work :D, here is the video showing the process | 45s, click here |


Reply By: ElTitoPricus
You can extract variants from MWR with this method too,
these 2 games work on the same engine