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no maya textures all white

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Thread By: godzilla666420
when i press 6 nothing happens and no youtube videos can help and my conversion rig gets errors


Reply By: Scobalula
Your first issue sounds like you're using Viewport 2.0 which is the default viewport on newer versions of Maya, which will not work directly with the some of the data in the MA's (tl;dr Wraith and majority of CoD tools write Maya 8.5 Scenes to ensure compatibility across different versions of Maya that support working with CoD).

To change it, you can use the Rendered drop down at the top of the viewport and set it to legacy, or to change it globally:

As for your last issue, can you post a screenshot/code block of the Script Editor output? To access the script editor, it's under the General Editor's menu in the above screenshot, or you can click the button in the bottom right corner.