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Animations are messed up in-game

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Thread By: MrTombone8
I have done alot of weapon porting and maya work for a long time and after I wiped windows on the 24th to install my new ssd's I reinstalled the mod tools and started to recreate some weapons which I have made before starting off with WAW's PTRS.
Here's a video of the PTRS that I created before the PC Reset

I done as I did before using Scobalula's One click does plenty but when i finally got into game the animation were fucked, I reconverted the anims, the anim model, the viewmodel and then i saw an error which was a duplicate bone so i used a different RIG and that error disappeared and the messed up anim changed to a different messed up anim heres a pic

The hands are in the correct location and move but the viewmodel is in a completely different place. The joints move and i cant find a reason to why its like that.

I refollowed jbird tut and used the bo2 an94 and followed it all though and the same thing happened.


Reply By: godzilla666420
ive had the same problem and i forgot how which joints to select hierarchy for ads anims