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Using custom models for thumbnails

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Thread By: Zimta
Before I start I just want to say that I AM NOT USING THE MODELS FOR ANY CUSTOM MAP I AM CREATING!

Since that's out the way, I would like to use models from custom maps so I could make thumbnails for my youtube videos (specific to that map). I have been trying tirelessly to do this using other rippers then I came across WRAITH. I have had some troubles with the basic models texture/material loading into 3DS. Sometimes all the textures seem to be there and at other times there's none at all.

Anyway I wanted to ask first of all what peoples opinions are of me using models from custom maps for thumbnails. I realize its a no-no to use in other maps but since I am using it for a video showcasing the map that will have proper credit in description maybe peoples opinions will be different. Also if people are ok with the idea hopefully, I can get some sort of help with extracting the models to use in 3DS Max.

Thanks for your time.