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ACR reflex ADS animation doesn’t line up

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Thread By: NoScopeNinja25
The reflex ads animation for the ACR isn't lined up. If I use the regular ADS animation it is closer but still not lined up. The reflex ADS works on my P90 port from MW3 but not the ACR. The BO2 reflex works with the regular ads. Did I do something wrong?

Here are some pictures of what I am talking about:
MW3 Reflex, Reflex ADS: (broken)

MW3 Reflex, Normal ADS: (broken)

BO2 Reflex, Normal ADS: (works)

One thing I noticed is that the idle position when using the Reflex ADS animation is lower than the normal ADS idle position.

Normal ADS, Idle:

Reflex ADS, Idle: