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multi arms drinking perk/using zipline

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Thread By: meepmeep
Good afternoon.

As for this topic, its background story can be found back here if you would be wondering where this topic is about to be up to date with the recent bugfixes i'm doing a.t.m

-- modme topic --

As for today, i was wondering if anyone would know how to fix this xanim problem. As far harry is concerning that there might be double xanims using the perk system at the same time when drinking a perk bottle or using the zipline.

Sadly, we haven't been able to fix the xanim and as that modme forum section is about scripting, i moved the xanim problem here for anyone who knows the fix for it or could lead me by giving tips to check out.

As for the perk sounds, thank-you harry for explaining me the possible options to fix it as well for the extended explanations. +1 and respect for that.

EDIT: i already reinstalled the whole mod tools, so that's not an option. the windows is now also reading the ''.'' instead of '','' as well for the zombie rounds that are fixed.