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Playermodels weird look

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Thread By: Pepergogo
So here's the thing:

I'm trying to port custom characters in my map, but when I ported they look like this...

Now, the method I'm using and I used in the past is just export a rig directly from the game (BO3) and bind the skin with the character.

In the past, my models look like broken because of the bind method I was using; but know I figured out how to look "not broken", but this problem in the images still happening.

I know the method I'm using it's not the appropriate, but is the best I can do by the time.

Btw, I download the models, so I didn't use wraith or greyhound to extract them, and they didn't came with a rig.

If anyone know how to fix them, make it better or anything that might help it would be really apreciated.