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Thread By: TGRHavoc

I'm new to creating CoD mods and I was wondering how would I do it for BO3.

I already have the mod tools installed and created a "mod". I then made the following directory structure:

So, I populated the "" script with a message that should be shown when the user spawn, the content is as follows:

And my "" file looks like:

But, I don't get the welcome message at all! The game says the mod is loaded (top right corner of the screen). I've also tried this with the ".gsc" extension. What am I doing wrong? Why doesn't this load/work?


Reply By: DTZxPorter
Did you create this with the launcher?


Reply By: TGRHavoc

DTZxPorterDid you create this with the launcher?

I created the initial zone_source files with the launcher, yes. Everything else was created separately.


Reply By: TGRHavoc
If the way I've tried to make the mod is incorrect, could someone tell me the proper way to go about making it?

I'd also like to upload the mod to the workshop when I've completed it.