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Anim File Broken

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Thread By: Idogftw
So, when I export the conversion rig with my weapon for my anim file it tells me it can't load it and I have done the t7:joints, my weapon and the femme hands then select->hierarchy and it doesn't work, but when I do just the joints and the weapon it works, so I think its the hands and I don't know why. Here's a pic of what I have selected in maya and here's the error in APE.


Reply By: avonian
ok if you want the anim weapon file just import weapon model into conversion rig select t7 joints and the mesh for the gun adultfolder and do select hierarchy then export the model as you would

if you want an anim then go into t7 joints and keep clicking through tag_view, tag_ads, tag_torso and once your at tag_torso just select tag_torso and tag_cambone and select hierarchy for every anim other than ads up or down

whatever your doing though dont select the femme hands meshes at all they arent need whatso ever