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How to make zombies climb?

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Thread By: MrGuacamole115
Hey, pretty new to radiant, have all the basics and necessities sorted. As well as detail .ect.

But I was wondering how to get zombies to mantle an object? Much like they do to get over barriers or railings, except without the barrier part.

I've tried fiddling with the traverse brush, the mantle brush, path nodes. But can't find it. Anyone on here know who'd be willing to explain? If not then that's ok ^^


Reply By: zomboassasin
you have to make a begin node and a end node.

here is a video that talks about it:


Reply By: MrGuacamole115
Thanks dude, tutorial helped. Just wondering what the animscript is for a simple wall hop. I've got the preview anim done fine just need something other than "zm_jump_up_to_climb"