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Adding the flux “air rush” sound to ported weapons?

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Thread By: ProRevenge
I am using Rico's fantastically ported weapons into Bo3, and have added a BF1 firesound to one of them, but what they lack is the rush of air you can hear after a shot which can be heard with native Bo3 guns, this is the case for any ported weapon, is it possible to add this "flux" sound? Is it done in Soundalias somehow, or some sort of script? Because it sure isn't done in the firesounds themselves in Bo3 or Wraith would pick them up


Reply By: Hero115

Get the sound in Audacity & Merge it, just put the sound you want in the end. So it plays after the shot.


Reply By: ProRevenge
That's not how BO3 Handles it though, in stock BO3 maps, guns actually have differing fire sounds if they are shot inside or outside, and the air rush I'm describing is only heard outside, ive no idea how these effects can be done in customs though