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Every weapon that I port turns out bad, really need help!

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Thread By: ItalianMilkMan

Launcher output when I compile and link my map:

NOTE: I deleted all my M1911 files from ape, so there will be nothing about it in pastebin

So ive spent some time porting the Black Ops 2 M1911. Ive done everything correctly as far as i'm aware, but when I load into the game, my weapon is not in the hands of my player, it is located a bit back.

The top imgur link are 3 third person images showing what it looks like in third person, the third image shows the best view. In first person (the second imgur link), you cannot see any of the weapon, except when sliding.

The exact same thing happened with my ported M14. Except when I stand still or walk normally (just walking, not sprinting), the gun appears as it should. But as soon as I ADS or shoot or anything else, the M14 does the same thing as the M1911.

When I link and compile my map, this happens for every individual xanim.


Converting xanim vm_m14_first_raise

ERROR: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty Black Ops III\xanim_export/ported_weapons\m14\vm_m14_first_raise.XANIM_BIN(32187): End of token file reached prematurely

^1ERROR: xanim 'vm_m14_first_raise' not found





EDIT: I can confirm that it is an issue with my xanims. I just tried changing all of the xanims in APE to the kuda animations, and the M14 works fine (besides the fact that its using the kuda anims and not its own). Now just to figure out what went wrong with my exported xanims. Any help? Thanks guys!


Reply By: ItalianMilkMan
Just saying that this issue is resolved.


How did you fix it?
I have been having these issues too, and I cannot figure out the cause.