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How to make the map harder?

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Thread By: Doodles_Timeout
Hey, I am making a zombies map and I need help with something, my map is to easy, is there a way to change something to make the map harder??? Like in the mod ZM_INSANE, thanks.


Reply By: Erthrock
well, making your map harder is just a matter of how its designed, but if you want zombies to always be sprinting even on round one nate smith has made a script for it and there should be a tutorial on it somewhere


Reply By: Exofile
A few easy to come up with tips;

<ul style="padding-left:40px;margin:0;">
<li style="width:100%;">Make your paths/areas narrow, and less open, fill in open spaces with debris and alike.</li>
<li style="width:100%;">Don't give players any place of safety, have Z' spawn from any side and location. No matter where you're at, you'll want to keep checking your back.</li>
<li style="width:100%;">Increase overall price, up the price on doors so players slower get their map fully opened. (Unless done really well, can be considered a bit "lazy"!)</li>

Hope it helps!