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Launching map problems

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Thread By: xikamuix
So when i press [Run] in mod tools BO3 starts giving me "Do you wanna start in safe mode? Y/N " after pressing no or yes the game feels to launch normally, but couple seconds it closes itself.

Does someone know why this is happening?


Reply By: Prepare2GetRekt
Any errors in the console?


Reply By: xikamuix

Prepare2GetRektAny errors in the console?

I dont only get following errors but texture cant cause that?

WARNING: PROBLEMS FOUND [Load with Error File in Radiant]

WARNING: Texture ($wireframe) repeats more than once per inch. (x6)

E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Call of Duty Black Ops III\map_source\zm\

entity 1639 brush 0 at -10 -0 0, -0 -10 0, -0 -0 -10, -0 -0 10, -0 10 0, 10 -0 0