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Map ignoring my weapons.csv & How to load DLC guns

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Thread By: Baconomnom
Hey all,

So I've followed all the tutorials about adding weapons to the box, and I've set up a custom weapons.csv file in my map folder, and I've referenced the correct path in my map's .gsc and as well as zm_usermap.gsc and

Now the game does load it in, but it ignores certain things I've adjusted.

For example: I changed the locus' wallbuy price from 5000 to 1000. In-game it displays the price as 1000, but it still takes 5000 points from your balance. Also forced attachments don't work, and the weapons I removed from the box, or removed from the .csv file as a whole simply stay in there for no reason, and I don't know why - can't seem to add anything either...

Also, I can't seem to load the mentioned DLC guns such as the Thundergun, even when I add them in the zone file, just can't get them to load, anything I'm missing here?

It's getting very, very, VERY, frustrating.

(On a sidenote, how do I change the display name of a certain weapon?)

Thanks a ton!


Reply By: MinePro14
this happens also to me

did you add a specific line in the zone file of your map?


Reply By: Baconomnom
I added weapon,thundergun but it gives an error when trying to link the map :/