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One of my walls is broke and I can’t find a fix.

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Thread By: Wild
Hello, so I have realized that in the starting room to my map one of the walls seems to glitch out the players vision. I don't understand why this happening since every other wall is fine. That's not the weird part though. The weird part is that every wall that works was copied from the one that's broke when I was building the room. I have tried re-texturing the brush. Re-doing all the detail on wall like the dirt and blood. I have even tried making sure the zone goes to the edge of the wall and all of this other stuff that wouldn't be related specifically to the wall its self, however nothing that I have tried seems to work. If any of you have any idea of how to fix this problem please let me know, Thank you!

Here is quick video I made showing the wall that's broken and showing how all the other wall are fine.