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Cannot build light

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Thread By: XxRaPiDK3LLERxX

This recently happened, whenever I try to build lighting, radiant starts to take 12GB RAM and stops responding then two cmd windows appears and force close radiant. There's no error message...


Reply By: Starisko

did you click on lighting bolt everytime there is a text yellow (up left) or when you finished your map?

i was having problem too if you don't click on lighting bolt after adding much details it crash radiant or maybe a bad PC...


Reply By: Abnormal202

what setting are you building on? cause you should probably be building on Low for testing, and maybe medium if you want to test how it looks. Building it on high takes forever and consumes all the RAM the computer has to offer for the duration its buliding, often causing it to crash if try to open anything else up before its done. I would recommend only building on High right before you publish a map.


Reply By: XxRaPiDK3LLERxX

Thank you guys, it seems like OC for my GPU doesn't like radiant when building high lighting. So I put the GPU on default settings and it works! Although, the game appears with a blank screen after compiling, linking and lighting, even though there are no script errors.