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Thread By: The Last Knight898

Hey, im The Last Knight8982, soon i will be making a new map, it will have a creepy feel to it with the setting being in the middle of the woods in/around a cabin with 115 labs scattered in the woods and maybe a lake.

I wont be able to start the map for another month or so sadly because my launcher has a problem that im trying to fix, but in the meantime i can get ideas from the community to see what you guys want.

The map will be medium sized(around the size of vurruckt)

These are the following things you could give suggestions and help on

<ul style="padding-left:40px;margin:0;">
<li style="width:100%;">What perks will be on the map(no more than 9)</li><li style="width:100%;">what weapons should be in the map</li><li style="width:100%;">what should the starting weapon be</li><li style="width:100%;">what features should be on the map</li><li style="width:100%;">should it be easy, medium, or hard map</li><li style="width:100%;">what should the map be called</li><li style="width:100%;">pap camo</li></ul>

Also should the layout be a shi-no-numa style layout, or a shadows style layout.

If you guys comment your suggestions it would be greatly apreciated and would spare me some thought on the map while giving people a map worth playing

Thanks(: and enjoy your day!!!!