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Zombie Traversals (negotiation begin and end animations)

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Thread By: D-2-K

Hey guys 1st time ive actually had to ask for help im kinda confused about traversals i got a traversal pack from Wakka a while back (ones that Jbird and zeroy had made and wakka made a pack from them both) also watched his vid on the subject but at the time we were limited on animations so he never really went into it just picked one we had and showed how it worked but looking through these now in ape i see a lot more added basicly i want to make my zombies jump up 190 as i have a 190 jump down this would make my map that much harder and more fluid as at the moment i can run to a point where you have to w8 on zombies getting to you the easy fix would be to just add more spawners at the level im on but its on a catwalk and risers look stupid if your under the cat walk and you see the zombie spawning above you

any help or guidance would be much appreciated

thanks in advance