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[HELP] BO1 gun sounds

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Thread By: Dick_Nixon
I've done my share of porting weapons for my map, but I've found no successful way to get the BO1 sounds(I.E. the mag in/out, futz, fire, etc.) from the actual game, and yes, I have tried using Wraith to try and get them(if there is a way to get them through wraith, idk how to, but it looks a lot different than getting the sounds from BO2 or BO3).I know the sounds are in the BO1 directory, I've seen them myself, but I don't know how to decrypt them(i'm assuming they're encrypted, since they came installed like that). Is there anyone out there who has found a way to get the sounds from BO1 directly?


Reply By: snprym
Download tom_bmx his bo1 sound tool, drag the sound files in there and decrypted sound files will appear in the folder where the original file came from.