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Zombies Runner and walker

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Thread By: Pacito2
Hello, first of all thank you for your reading.

I really need your help.
I would like to know how to make zombie runner and how to make zombie walker with a script

Sorry for my very bad english.
Thanks for your help !

#using scripts\zm\_zm_score;
#using scripts\codescripts\struct;

#using scripts\shared\array_shared;
#using scripts\shared\callbacks_shared;
#using scripts\shared\clientfield_shared;
#using scripts\shared\compass;
#using scripts\shared\exploder_shared;
#using scripts\shared\flag_shared;
#using scripts\shared\laststand_shared;
#using scripts\shared\math_shared;
#using scripts\shared\scene_shared;
#using scripts\shared\util_shared;

#insert scripts\shared\shared.gsh;
#insert scripts\shared\version.gsh;

#insert scripts\zm\_zm_utility.gsh;

#using scripts\zm\_load;
#using scripts\zm\_zm;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_audio;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_powerups;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_utility;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_weapons;
#using scripts\zm\_zm_zonemgr;

#using scripts\shared\ai\zombie_utility;

#namespace startingspawnscript;

function init()
callback::on_spawned( &on_player_spawned );

function on_player_spawned(){
level flag::wait_till( "initial_blackscreen_passed" );
players = GetPlayers();
wait 30;
IPrintLnBold ( "Sound !" );
foreach( player in players ){player playlocalsound("test_sound");}

level.zombie_move_speed = I DON'T KNOW THE MOVE SPEED FOR RUN;


Reply By: FinalKill9175
You could do something like this:

//You could also set the movespeed multiplier to 0.
//This increments the zombie speed every round, but if you want the speed to remain the same,
//just set this value to 0.
zombie_utility::set_zombie_var("zombie_move_speed_multiplier", 0, false);    //  Multiply by the round number to give the base speed value.  0-40 = walk, 41-70 = run, 71+ = sprint
level endon("intermission");
level endon("end_game");
     speed = "walk"; //Value for move speed. You can use walk, run, or sprint.
     wait 0.5;
zombie_move_speed_multiplier is set to 2 on easy, and 4 on normal.


Reply By: Pacito2
Thank you !!!