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Thread By: XxBREADxX
Does anyone know how to fix the perk lights for bo3?


Reply By: D-2-K

Does anyone know how to fix the perk lights for bo3?

if your using the stock perks ie the ones that come with radiant and are using 2 lighting states

i use this for mine

open your mapname.gsc

in the function main add this line thread init_power();

at the bottom of the gsc file add

function init_power()
level flag::wait_till("power_on");
level util::set_lighting_state(2); **see example below

now in radiant select your perk right click and select enter prefab
when in the prefab hit i on the keyboard to select all then hold shift and deselect just the model (so now all you should have selected are the lights)

with those selected open "entity info" scroll down till you see lighting state and select which state you want them to be on ( in my case i have them all off apart from quick revive on lighting state 2 and on with lighting state 1 )

**this had me confused at first because radiant lighting states where different from what i had to put in the script ie level util::set_lighting_state(2); for me it was lighting state 1 in radiant but 2 in the script

also here is a link for a youtube vid by Erthrock which may make it easier to understand

alternate you can try using this method if you are not using different lighting states

this tutorial was buy RudySPG and can be found on the modme form


Reply By: XxBREADxX
Thanks for the help!

+1 Win from me!