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Custom shell eject, coming out of player’s face?

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Thread By: ProRevenge
So I'm working on the China Lake port for BO3, and it doesn't use any stock shell eject, and also doesn't conventionally play them on the fire anim like most guns do.

I made a custom shell eject by taking the pistol one and adding the China's empty shell model to it, all is well so far.
I then added it to the weapon as an FX Notetrack on the Rechamber and Reload_in anims, where its supposed to have the eject, using "Play Viewmodel FX" on "tag_brass"

When I Rechamber, the shell ejects correctly from the weapon, but a second comes out of the player's face and flies forward
When I Reload_in, the shell only flies out of the player's face.

It is set up the same as a notetrack on each anim.

Has anyone worked with custom shell ejects or FX notetracks before who would know whats going wrong here?