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Porting Viewhands from older CODs to BO3?

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Thread By: Megadeth9811
I've seen character mods on the workshop, and I was wondering if someone can tell me the method behind converting viewhands from older CODs to BO3 (specifically BO2 to BO3).

I know how to setup character tables and such, but I'm stuck on figuring out how to get custom viewhands working.

Any help would be appreciated.



Reply By: Megadeth9811


Reply By: DTZxPorter
The reason why you aren't getting any responses or 'tutorials' is because it's generic in the sense that you *need* to be fluent in weight painting in Blender or Maya. Because you need to reweight the mesh from the old game to the newer joints on the Black Ops 3 rig. If you want to do this, just look for information on armature rigging w/ your choice of modeling software...