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I’m a noob. Help with GetWeaponChargeLevel() function.

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Thread By: MrNoobington
Been messing around with a few things in gsc and can't work out how to use the GetWeaponChargeLevel() function. I've set a custom weapon's fire type (in ape) to charge. When I try to use the function in gsc (keeping similarly to the example provided in the mod tools docs), I just get this error when I run the game:

My code is:

self IprintLnBold(self GetWeaponChargeLevel());

I've also tried putting the name of the weapon in the parenthesis after 'level' & also tried this:
charge = self GetWeaponChargeLevel()
I still get an error.
Note: I've defined 'self' as the player, previously in the script.

Just wondering how I use this function properly, thanks in advance.


Reply By: Harry Bo21
thats a csc function


Reply By: MrNoobington

Harry Bo21
thats a csc function

Ohhhh. I'm dumb lol, thanks for letting me know!