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Error while putting in custom perk

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Thread By: BrandonTr3
Hey guys i have a question so i installed the files from this link below to put in a custom perk to my map, and i did everything right, but theres this one part that says:

# NOTE : if your not already using Harry Bo21 perks, add the following too :

And i am not not using the perks, so i go to compile after doing all of the steps provided and i get this error in Radiant:

^1ERROR: Could not open 'scripts\zm\_zm_perk_phdflopper.gsh'
^1SCRIPT ERROR: Preprocessor error, No generated data for 'scripts/zm/_zm_perk_utility.gsc'
scripts\zm\_zm_perk_phdflopper.gsh:20 : (-5) Error: Couldn't open file scripts\zm\_zm_perk_phdflopper.gsh
Linker will now terminate.
Linker summary:
There were 0 warnings and 1 error.
^1ERROR: Could not open 'scripts\zm\_zm_perk_phdflopper.gsh'
Arguments passed to linker:
-language english -modsource zm_axisofevil

Its doing this because theres no file of phd in my zm folder but im assuming it works without having the perks and this file wasnt provided in the download? Any idea on how to fix this?
Sorry cant figure out how to put code in the codebox in site :(


Reply By: modric
I personally would recommend using the perks as they have jingles lighting, bo2 perks, and are easy to add. It sounds like you just need to comment out the #usingphdflopper line to me


Reply By: Harry Bo21
you havent parsed you gsh in zone

you also say "from the link below" - then do not provide the link

assuming its my custom perk thing, the phd line shouldnt be in there, if it is