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Help with creating new enemy to replace dogs

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Thread By: TheMikeyMan
I wanted to make zetsoubou spiders to replace dog rounds, and I got the model and animation working in game but they don't do damage on attacking. What I did was just copied the dogs gdts and the am/ast, and just replaced the anims and models, I didn't change anything else. I've looked around in settings in ape I can't seem to find how to get them to do damage. there is also the hellhound fire fx on them i can't found how to disable.


Reply By: mathfag
The spiders don't attack because the melee notify is in the dogs' attack animation. You need to make your own script to fix this and remove the fx


Reply By: Harry Bo21

set up the notetrack callback ( this is what you should do )


change the notetrack in the anim to either the zombie or dog notify