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glass shattering as a dynamic path

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Thread By: Stonermagoo420
i have a sliding glass door in this map that brakes when you shoot the glass. the zombies wont go through it after i break the glass though so how would i do this?
I tried putting dynamicpath-1 kvp on glass and then added a damage trigger around the glass that would scriptnotewrothy-clip kvp once activated and neither of them worked any ideas on how to do?


Reply By: Stonermagoo420
OKAY scratch this post i got it to work all i did was border the out side edges of the glass door with a non colliding glass clip, added a path node on either side and added the do not stand to true on both, then gave the glass that breaks the kvp's player_clip-1 and dynamicpath-1 then i right clicked the glass and made it a weapon clip and this is a 100% easy process so it was no problem really but im sure works :D