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[W.I.P] [Alpha] 115’s Experiment Factory v2.1.6

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Thread By: XxRaPiDK3LLERxX
[Alpha] 115's Experiment Factory v2.1.9 [W.I.P]

You are alone, in a twisted factory, here you will find out everything that happened in the factory, but you need to find a way out of the forest...

-12/13 Perks

-Brutus (Higher rounds will spawn 30 brutus!)

-QR is available 4 times in solo

-EC is more OP

-WW is more OP

-Different zombies variation


-Free perk slot powerup

-Zombie blood

-Infinite ammo powerup

-Zombie money

-Fast speed

-Gobblegum machine


-SoE Jingles

-Ported weapons


[This update focuses on second zone only]

Alpha v2.1.9:

-Deleted everything on second zone - Done

-Second zone is now accessable - Done

-Added a maze like Buried - Done for now. At least 2% done [A warning, this maze probably be lengthy, I would advise you to go there when you're locked and loaded.] Will be released in current state.

-Added zombie spawns - Done

-Added Brutus spawns - Done

-Added dog spawns - Done

-Added script_flag on doors to make sure the game knows you aren't activating death barrier - Done

-Clipped hedges - Done

-Added some dead ends - Cancelled for now

-Juggernog is moved in the maze - Done!

-Added a pathnode in second zone so that first zone zombies are able to come over the second zone - Done!

-Added and configured reflection probe, which now enhances colours and realism to the map. - Done

-HAPPY WEEK! [NEW!] Mule kick will allow you to hold up to 10 weapons! [A bug: When revived, the game will detect you cheating, so samantha will laugh until your weapons are gone and points, to fix this, you must have whos who to revive yourself and get everything back or get Tombstone, just in case you die] - Done, Duration: 1 Week


-Natesmithzombies: A lot of scripting help! And for his powerups + brutus

-Zeroy: Different zombie variation

-MadGaz: His youtube tutorials

-WARDOGSK93: His ported perks (Whos who, tombstone, phd and vulture aid)

-Hawkside: His youtube tutorials

-Ice_Grenade: His youtube tutorials

-CraftDAnimation: His youtube tutorials

-JBird632: His youtube tutorials

-Wakka: His youtube tutorials

-Erthrock: For his public weapon ports

-elricos: For his public weapon ports

DTZxPorter, Azsry, HitmanVere, KommunityKOD: For helping elricos with weapon porting

-You: For trying out this map

Download 115's Experiment Factory