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Thread By: TheKillerey

This is my 2nd map and is based on my lovely Killer stuff and soooo.... Yeah so I am working on this map since end of December. The style of light is now what I want to use in my maps. This map will have a lot of features:

- 5+ Custom PaP Camos

- New Weapons from old COD's

- Buy able Elevator

- New Perk Order

- New Perk's: PHD, Vulture Aid, Tombstone, Whos Who, Wunder Fizz, +New Custom Perk

- Easter Egg's [Easy to Hard]

- Shield

- New Mystery Box Sound

- Buy able Ending

- Key Doors

- Oxygen Area

- Bo2 Hud

- New Zombies + Purple Eyes

- Boss Zombie: Brutus

- New Power Ups

- Black White if Power is off