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[WIP] Auto-GDT

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Thread By: Scobalula

I've been working on this for the past day or 2 to make the whole process of porting weapons more efficient and less of a pain. It will take animations from a direcotry, a main anim model path, and add them to a GDT/create a new GDT for them.

For the moment it's completely WIP but in its current state it's functional, download it below from GitHub:


I'll be updating this thread as I work on it. GUI and other features are next on my list.


Reply By: ElTitoPricus
Very nice man
Good move :)


Reply By: Scobalula

Very nice man Good move :)

Thanks Tito, hope everyone finds it useful.

Pushed some updates to the server, nothing that affects functionality, some fixes such as checking to make sure correct directories are provided. I've also made an exe version so people no longer require Python to use this. Feel free to report any issues that you possibly run into.


Reply By: Scobalula
Updates released:

  • Single exe file now with 2 txt files for templates, eradicating Python as a requirement.

  • Now writes GDT files for IW3-T5, set T5 for this to work, set T7 for Black Ops 3.

  • If anything goes wrong, it will now show the error and add it to log, if anything goes wrong pm me with log.

What I'm working on adding:

  • GUI

  • More options for AI anims, etc.