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(wip) Dead Men Tell No Tales

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Thread By: rossdaboss
Dead Men Tell no Tales is a map that i have been working on for about a month now. the theme that i'm going for is an old abandoned pirate town thats been taken over by the undead. Note that this is a very very early work in progress right now as all i have done is the starting room. Its going to be a very large map with a lot of easter eggs and custom stuff. I'm planning on having weapons from waw, bo1, and bo2 in it. I'm fairly new to mapping so any helpful suggestions on what i can do to improve this map are appreciated!

Here are some questions i have on this map right now:

Does anyone have any helpful texturing or detailing tips to make the map look a little better?

what round music do you guys think would fit the theme of the map the best? (i was thinking of gorod krovi)

what pap camo should i have in this map?

I have the 4 staffs from origins in my map (big thanks to harry bo21) and i was wondering if there was any way to switch the model of them to a katana too fit the pirate theme more.(so they would shoot and reload the exact same way but the model would be different).

How can i edit the zombie models in the map to be pirate zombies?

where can i change the pap names and ammo counts of some of the guns in my map?