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Thread By: Gasgas120
<h1>The Flood</h1>
Your mission is to find the source of the mysterious rising water levels in this hydro-oriented research facility, along with the rising dead problem as well. Where may this facility be you ask? It was built on an island in a former volcano, but it has been a lake filled with water ever since the rockets from the moon hit earth and the weather went all outta whack. Animals and plants appeared on the island and were not affected by the exposure the 115. Der Hydro, a water research group that formed after the world went to hell, hoping to find a cure through H2O, had obviously taken interest in this discovery and decided to build the facility. However, a greater entity resides within the volcano and is angered by the tampering of the ecosystem that it had just initiated. A roar came from the volcano and in that instance, there was green fog rolling in and the undead rose from the waters. You must find a way to the volcano spirit, and drain the infection from this land so that humanity may find a way to help themselves.

More Perks and Wunderfizz
More Wallbuys
Buildable Shield
Jump Pads
Custom Music
Custom Weapons
Moon Zombies
Survival-style PaP area
Thunderstorm and Infinite Ammo Powerup

(Not up to date)


(most of the screenshots are brighter than how the map would appear in-game due to angles and cinematography)
G<span style="color:#ff0000;">o</span><span style="color:#ffcc00;">o</span>g<span style="color:#99cc00;">l</span><span style="color:#ff0000;">e</span> <span style="color:#808080;">Drive</span>


Ice Grenade - Helped with Music
CraftDAnimations - Also provided wallbuys for all stock weapons
Hawkside - Radiant Help
UptownPapi - Radiant Help
Jbird632 - Radiant Help
Graffiti - Helped with HUD

Assets or Coding:
NateSmithZombies - Brutus and Infinite Ammo Powerup
modric & Shinged - Buildable PaP
Divinefury5 & Matarra - Zipline
ZoekMeMaar, Marksman 147, NateSmithZombies, and Harry Bo21 - Thunderstorm Powerup
Ardivee - Extra Cam (monitors)
Harry Bo21 - Perks, Wunderfizz, and a shiz ton of weapons
RedSpace200 - Jump Pads
Erthrock - Custom zombie models
Abnormal202 - Easy easter egg template script for the upcoming easteregg
Scobabula - Custom player models
Gasgas120 - Music, DPAD HUD, Mapping

<h2>Currently Working on:</h2>
Easter Egg and Boss Fight
Major detailing
HUD detail
PaP sound

If you like what you see (or not), let me know!