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Bunbury Redux (WIP)

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Thread By: Ping998
Hello everyone! It's Ping998 back again with another work in progress!

This time I will be re-creating one of my most community-favoured maps - Bunbury!

You might be thinking right now: "Oh god, not another remaster". Well, it's technically not a "remaster" as such, the map file itself was lost for the original 2014 map so I've had to re-build it from scratch! This does mean however, that the map won't be 1:1 and I've also changed areas to flow better in BO3 gameplay (little things here and there). This is why I'm calling it a "Redux" version. Right now the map's layout is finished, the only thing that needs to be added is all the perk locations, power switches and the buttons (also the buyable ending).

Re-creating maps also gives me and everyone the ability to see how much has changed over the years and gives me insight as to how I've improved as a mapper!

Planned Release Date: July 2018

Here are some images: WaW vs BO3

And here are some more in-game screenshots!

Hope you will all enjoy this when it is released!

If you have any comments, suggestions or feedback at this stage please let me know!

Thank you,

- Ping998, out