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[Script] LSAT Ammo Counter (+ Usable for other weapons)

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Thread By: Scobalula
This uses a hefty bit of FX, prepare yourself for sp00ki FX error m80.



This will play FX based on how much ammo you have on the weapon. Make sure to download first from the bottom of this post. I have also included some info (probably not the best explained) on using another weapon, maybe from Titanfall, etc. as some of them have on weapon displays.

I have included the following:

  • Script

  • Rig

  • FX

It's pretty nice to have, and if you want you can modify this for many other things, including using it with other weapons.

Adding the Scripts

Make sure to copy the stuff from the IWD to the respective folders, root\mods\modname\clienscripts folder should go into your mods folder, and make sure to tick it. Ignore the rig folder for now.

First off, open your in root\mods\modname\clientscripts, if it's not there, copy it from root\raw\clientscripts.

Add this below the telsa line:

thread clientscripts\_zombiemode_lsatammo::init();

In the same csc,, and mapname.gsc, there is a function called preCacheMyFX(), add these in there:

level._effect["lsat_ammo"]	=	[];
level._effect["lsat_ammo"][0] 	= loadfx("scobalula/lsat_numbers/scoba_lsat_num_0");
level._effect["lsat_ammo"][1] 	= loadfx("scobalula/lsat_numbers/scoba_lsat_num_1");
level._effect["lsat_ammo"][2] 	= loadfx("scobalula/lsat_numbers/scoba_lsat_num_2");
level._effect["lsat_ammo"][3] 	= loadfx("scobalula/lsat_numbers/scoba_lsat_num_3");
level._effect["lsat_ammo"][4] 	= loadfx("scobalula/lsat_numbers/scoba_lsat_num_4");
level._effect["lsat_ammo"][5] 	= loadfx("scobalula/lsat_numbers/scoba_lsat_num_5");
level._effect["lsat_ammo"][6] 	= loadfx("scobalula/lsat_numbers/scoba_lsat_num_6");
level._effect["lsat_ammo"][7] 	= loadfx("scobalula/lsat_numbers/scoba_lsat_num_7");
level._effect["lsat_ammo"][8] 	= loadfx("scobalula/lsat_numbers/scoba_lsat_num_8");
level._effect["lsat_ammo"][9] 	= loadfx("scobalula/lsat_numbers/scoba_lsat_num_9");

Make sure to tick the CSC in Launcher. :)

Setting Up/Exporting the model.

Black Ops 2 probably has the engine handle this, so we need joints to play the fx on.

To make this easier, I have included a rig. You NEED to export the model, this is only a rig, I can't release the model.

I won't be answered Maya questions, sorry. :(

Adding to CSV.

Add the following to any of your CSVs:


And that should be it. :) Let me know if you run into any issues with the FX or script. :) If I forgot to include something let me know, I probably did, lol.

For using with your own weapon read the README.h, open in program like Notepad++ for easier reading, I am not good at writing up tutorials like that so it's possibly not explained well, if you need assistance with it contact me.


Lilrifa: Assistance with FX

HitmanVere: Assistance with FX

Soyo: Number Splitting

If you want to claim I "stole" something belong to you do so via PM, I want full proof, and stealing an engine function isn't proof.

I know you're trying to help but please don't respond with "x should have done like y", I release this to help, not to be criticized, and it works, so that's all I care about.


Reply By: mrpeanut188
Typo in your post.

ScobalulaThis uses a hefty bit of FX, prepare yourself for sp00ki FX error m80.

Should be m80s.

Anyways, thanks fam I might actually use this, take a win.


Reply By: Hero115
Great work and wins as always .